DEYOS is applied multilingually and consists of 80 multiple choice questions. The test duration is 120 minutes.


The exam includes questions of “Basic Learning Skills”. In the exam, candidates’ math and reasoning skills are measured.


Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History and Geography questions will not be asked in the exam.


The exam is evaluated out of 100 (one hundred) and only the correct answers are taken into account; wrong answers are not considered (questions that the candidate has provided multiple answers are considered wrong) (Since wrong answers will not deduct points from the candidate’s final score, answering all questions will be in the candidate’s favour.)


The number of correct answers are used to calculate the standard deviation and the mean. Then, the standardization is applied to set the mean of distribution to 50 and the standard deviation to 10. Standardized values are multiplied by 1.25 and a single DEYOS score is calculated for each candidate.