Application Process of 2021 – Dokuz Eylul University International Student Admission Exam (DEYOS)

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 30-04-2021

2021 – Dokuz Eylul University International Student Admission Exam (DEYOS) application process started on April 30, 2021.

Click here for the  Dokuz Eylul University International Student Admission Application, Placement, Enrollment Calendar


The application calendar has not yet been determined for candidates who will apply via national or international exam score/diploma grade accepted by the University Senate. Therefore, candidates who wish to apply with an exam score/diploma grade must follow the calendar.

National or international exams/diplomas accepted by the University Senate will be announced later.

Please read carefully the application conditions before starting application process.

Before applying to DEYOS, you must pay the DEYOS exam fee. Click for information about DEYOS Exam Fee

DEYOS exam information and sample questions

Click here for the “Application and Preference Guide” prepared to assist you in the application process

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Online Application

Click here for the guide prepared for warnings due to frequently made mistakes in the application process